Direct Mail Services

Stand Out in the Mailbox!

If you want to be a successful direct mailer, you need to really stand out in the mailbox. Your customers get a lot of  mail that they immediately throw away; don’t get lost in the pile. Your material is directly competing with every other direct mailer and every piece of “junk” that makes it to your customers’ mailboxes.


How can you stand out from the crowd? At Continental Web Press, we give you the tools to crush the competition and create relevant mail that really engages your readers and:


  • Enhances customer value
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases speed to market
  • Optimizes mail and distribution


By providing you with multi-channel delivery of engaging and relevant mail for your customers, we do all this and more, and we can reduce your carbon footprint, too. When your direct mail campaign is optimized, your waste materials decrease dramatically and so do your overall costs, making your business more sustainable, both economically and environmentally.